Websites and reasons for creation

January 2, 2019 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

A website can be defined as a collection of interlinked and related web pages. A website can contain other contents like pictures, documents, clipart among many others usually referred to as multimedia content. A website is accessed using a unique address known as a weblink or the URL (Uniform resource allocator) and accessed in a computer connected to the internet. Websites are accessible over public networks commonly known as the public internet protocols and used by anyone or accessed through a private network created by an individual, an organization or any group of people which is known as a local area network. Creation of websites can be individual based where an individual creates sites or hire people to create websites for their own personal use, it can be government based where services provided by the government are accessed through the websites created, websites can also be organization based where organizations advertise their services and products by using the websites among many other basis of creation of websites.

Websites are created for growing businesses, professional reasons and for personal growth reasons. Among the numerous reasons for the creation of websites, below are some of the main reasons why an endless number of websites have been created.

  • For business purposes.

This is a practice in the rise commonly known as E-Commerce or Electronic commerce. This is a recent activity on the rise where customers can order good and services online, pay online through electronically and have their goods delivered upon agreed on terms.

  • For education purposes.

Websites addressing various topics, providing information about various aspects of life can be a great way learners extract the materials to use for learning purposes. People can also create websites whose core purpose is the provision of information on random topics or actual topics that exist.

  • For sharing information and

Sharing information from a person to another is the key creation of many websites. This has seen the creation of blogs where people get to share their thoughts and the things they can do best, the creation of services in the social media like twitter where people share thoughts, experiences, and pictures among others. The advancement has also seen the creation of services like increasing Facebook and Instagram followers, snap chat and many more. The websites are a  platform where users share any information they intend to spread.

  • A website can be a representation of a business.

Websites may also represent businesses. There exist businesses that only exist in the virtual world in the sense that there are no buildings to represent them, but have employed staff and offer services through the use of websites.

  • A website can be a platform for growing creativity and self-expression.

Websites can provide a platform where individuals or companies can express their levels of creativity by drawing, writing poems, writing creative texts among others. Trying specific skills can also be made possible by the use of websites where interested individuals use information and resources available on the internet to enhance their interests.

The creation of websites has in a great way improved and increased the number of services provided. It has also led to the easy, efficient and timely delivery of information to large groups of people within short durations.