What is evergreen webinar? How to write an agenda for it?

November 9, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

You might be looking to create an evergreen webinar or wish to have a solid agenda. But the thing is that both are hard to achieve and only a handful number of people are able to do it. These two elements are critical to success of a webinar. While the evergreen element might be overlooked, we will discuss about what it is and how you can write an agenda for it.

What is an evergreen webinar?

A lot of people look up to evergreen software definition but when talking about webinar it is your presentation that stays evergreen. It is not about the software but the content of your webinar which people would keep on using as they find it relevant.

The evergreen webinar means that you are doing it in such a way that people can benefit from it even after it is over for long. For instance, you do a webinar on ‘tips for shopping when you don’t have enough time’ or ‘how to use canva to create stunning graphics.’ These are certain topics that people are likely to look up to for years and the advice you present in your webinars might be useful for individuals even after a long time. So, such webinars, that will prove to be useful for audience right now as well as in coming time, are labelled as the evergreen webinars.

How to write an agenda for it?

When we are discussing webinar agenda, there are a few things you should note.

First of all, pick the right topic that will serve people for a long time. Whether it is informative or educational, make sure that the advice you are looking to give is authentic and appropriate and will continue to serve the community for a long time.

Once you have chosen the right topic, finalize the duration of the webinar and key points which you will discuss in it. Make sure that you label them in order and list it one by one. Only provide things that are of importance and don’t overflow the agenda with too much listing. Be precise and to the point.

Also, when writing the agenda, don’t forget to put up the names of the guest speakers who will join the webinar as it will lure more and more people towards it. Label the start time and end time with platform details on the agenda.

If required, one can also give the support and contact information so that if people are unable to get a certain point or have more questions, they can always come up and ask. Never overlook the Q & A section and assure that you keep 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the webinar for it. Aiming for the talks that are under one hour are generally preferred.

Final words

So, now you know about the evergreen webinar and how to write a webinar agenda. Make sure that you write agenda in two three different ways and make it influential because it will capture the attention of people and convince them to be the attendees.