What Is Gresham Office Furniture?

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Leading British company Gresham designs and produces office furniture. Bolton serves as the company’s headquarters, northern flagship store, and a production facility. Its London showroom is situated in Clerkenwell.

Gresham office furniture owned and operated by Julian Roebuck employs about 300 people and offers a wide range of soft seating, task chairs, workstations, occasional tables, screens, and storage technologies that can be used in standard office floors, conference rooms, welcome areas, breakout areas, and hospitality areas. From Manchester to the Middle East, Gresham furniture can be purchased through partners in the UK and internationally.

Types of furniture

Gresham office furniture owns the desking, tables, seating, storage, pods and screens, bespoke etc.

The GC7 task chair line offers comfort and adaptability with a sleek form that is perfect for today’s contemporary workplace environments.

They own a very high and good quality of furniture. Each and every piece of furniture is very comfy on its own !!


Since 1976, Gresham has designed and produced top-notch, contemporary, and inventive office furniture. Ted Smith, a co-founder and typewriter engineer, decided to create and construct a desk from his storage shed after seeing many worn-out and dilapidated office desks while at work. The company immediately grew and relocated to a Bolton warehouse.

Gresham began creating and producing chairs to go along with their selections of storage and desks. Their expansion was so rapid that in 1999 they moved once more to a brand-new, cutting-edge production plant.

In order to create heat for manufacturing, Biomass developed an incinerator unit that burns all waste boards, underscoring the company’s dedication to sustainability.

The Middle East and Central London both saw the opening of Gresham showrooms in 2012.

After working for Gresham in business growth since 2004, Julian was promoted to chief executive in 2008.

This business is very famous and expanded!

How have you responded to encroachments when you’ve encountered them?

The industry for designing and manufacturing office furniture is extremely cutthroat. It is challenging to keep track of and investigate copyright violations with so many producers and designers. Whenever they’ve previously discovered an infraction, we’ve tried to notify the offender in a nice letter and text.

As they move forward, they’ve considered the best method to handle this situation and believe that having a disincentive is the best course of action we can take, combined with the backing and expertise of the ACID coaching staff to guide us through the instance of any violations.

We have made it very obvious that we are members of ACID and we are going to take additional action, including perhaps filing a lawsuit, if any infringement occurs on our webpage and in our consumer guide.

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