What to Look For in a VPS Hosting Provider

January 3, 2019 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Many companies are now offering Virtual Private Server hosting but it can be difficult to determine which plan is best for your website. Between the dozens of companies now offering the new VPS hosting technology there are several options for added benefits, speed, server space, and quality of service. Read on to find out what specific things you should be looking for in your next VPS website hosting provider to make an informed decision and make the most of your website’s budget.

Speed and Server Specifications of VPS Web Hosting

The most tangible feature of your web hosting is going to be the speed at which your websites load from their server. Users will notice second- and sometimes millisecond-differences in content loading times, particularly if your website is being visited from a mobile device or if you have a load of media to display. This is also true of search engines that are thought to measure the speed of your site when determining where it should fall in search engine rankings. Accordingly, look for VPS hosts that offer high speeds and fast loading times.

One way to ensure you’re getting a high-speed hosting provider is by seeing if they use SSD technology. Solid State Drives load data quicker than traditional platter-based hard drives which equip older web servers.

In order for your site to load quickly and properly, you’ll also want to look for VPS hosting providers that offer lots of bandwidth. In fact, on some limited bandwidth plans you can end up with downtime or resolution errors, so if you’re unsure of how much bandwidth your site will need it might be best to go with an unlimited plan from your VPS provider.

For added peace of mind, look for hosts offering plans with plenty of RAM. Random Access Memory plays a large role in how quickly data is processed and recalled for your website’s visitors. If you’re running multiple websites or resource-intensive server-side applications then you’ll want to opt for a VPS plan with extra RAM. Smaller websites running on basic platforms like WordPress will typically do just fine with 1 or 2 GB of RAM.

VPS Software Options

Software specifications also matter when it comes to VPS hosting. If you’re going to use WordPress or another Content Management System then you’ll want to go with a company that keeps the latest version of PHP and other applications up to date. Some VPS hosts even have per-configured servers that are tailored specifically for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other CMSs.

Check out which database software your next potential VPS host offers if your website will have databases. Using fast databases like MariaDB can help your content authenticate load faster and remain secure. If your website will store usernames, email addresses, passwords, financial information, user records, or other data then you’ll need a database system of some sort so it’s worth looking at before signing up with your next host.

Another feature to look for in your VPS is the ability to choose your own Operating System (OS.) Some VPS hosts allow you to pick from a list of compatible OSs so you can have more control over your server or be more familiar with the menus and options in place. This is particularly important to determine before choosing your hosting plan if you’re using ASP.NET technologies or other OS-specific software.

Customer Service and Company Policies

After confirming that you’ve narrowed down your list of potential VPS website hosting providers to companies with good hardware and software specifications you should consider the customer service and company policies of each provider. This includes what type of contact method customer service uses, average response times, and any guarantee or refund policies that may pertain to you as a customer.

Many VPS hosts will list or link to information about these features on their homepage. Look for hosts that offer a 30-day guarantee and an average initial response time of less than 20 minutes.

Another factor to look for when choosing a VPS blog or website hosting plan is whether or not the company utilizes any green technology. Hosts that use green VPS web hosting equipment are often able to provide faster service at lower costs due to the energy-efficiency of such hardware. There are also social and environmental benefits of using these modern hosts as they reduce electronic waste and help conserve energy wherever possible.

After browsing through the offerings from a few VPS hosts and cross-referencing the items described here you should be more than prepared to make an informed decision about your hosting plan. Most VPS providers have excellent speed and quality as the virtual structure of these servers are inherently safe and fast. See which host offers features that will help your website, such as CMS-specific configurations, the option to use multiple domain names and email addresses, and up to date software that can help your website load faster than it would on alternative hosting platforms.