Why 2021 Chevrolet Suburban is the Car your Family Needs?

December 22, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

When buying a vehicle for family usage, space is one of the most important factors that come into play. Apart from it, people want their loves ones to be safe and travelling in comfort. Hence, one of the most sought after family car from Chevy is the 2021 Suburban. With sufficient space, power, high-quality built, and more, it is what a family needs and is the reason people check it out when in Greenville Chevrolet dealership.

Changes in 2021 Suburban model

Chevrolet reinvents and makes significant changes in the 2021 Suburban model that makes it better and larger than its previous versions. With updated new generation features, substantial improvements include independent back/rear suspension. It aids in making more room in cargo space as well as third row area. Other notable technology outfitted in this vehicle consists of air suspension, Duramax downsized diesel engine, etc.

Comfort and spacious cabin

When compared with its earlier versions, this 2021 variant offers larger passenger and cargo space. The third and second row seats comes with more legroom and second row seats can also be adjusted to easily slide for easy access to last row area. This car’s cargo portion is expanded by 23 cubic feet; loading floor offered is much lower and flatter thanks to Suburban’s updated designs and rear suspension.

The entire cabin is quite spacious and is made from top-notch materials that give it a sophisticated look, which makes spending money on this car worth it. Apart from wireless charging, ventilated and heated seats, etc. digital display and head-up screen is bigger. Such a big car is ideal for a large family riding along, or getting everything fit inside when going away for a weekend, or simply being a soccer mom driving to your son’s game with his teammates.


Depending on one’s need Chevy is offering customers options like either chose the V8s or six-cylinder diesel engine and every engine is mated with automatic 10-speed option. The two V8s available consists of 5.3L engine that produces 355 horsepower and 6.2L variant that generates 420 horsepower. The diesel option is a 6-cylinder 3L engine provides 277 hp but has a massive torque of 460 lb-ft.

Moreover, if an individual wants can equip 2021 Suburban with air suspension (adjustable) and adaptive dampers. These help in aerodynamics, passenger accessibility, ground clearance, and more.

The 5.3L version offers 16 mpg in city and 20 mpg on highway. To know more about fuel efficiency, you can contact Chevrolet Greenville dealer.

Starting prices  

The base models include LS and LT which costs $53,995 and $57,795 respectively. The mid-tier versions consist of RST and Z71 which starts from $61,095 and $63,195 respectively. Lastly, the top-tier models comprise of Premier and High country which are priced at $66,595 and $73,595 respectively.

With the prices and models most suited to your needs, you can choose any one which you like. Most opt for either RST or Z71; however, if you are looking to buy the best for your family members should definitely opt for Premier or High Country.

So, get one today!