Why should grown-ups focus on continuous learning?

October 4, 2018 Simon Hopes | Comments Off

Adults are mature, autonomous, multi-tasking and self-confident, but at the same time they have multiple responsibilities, because they are parents and workers. They think that they do not have the time and financial resources to improve their knowledge. But studies show that people are meant to be lifelong learners, and the process of acquiring knowledge does not stop when they end their studies. But it is important for people to seek opportunities to improve their skills. Learning activities can range from university classes, to online courses, hand-on workshops and even self-study classes. There are multiple reasons people should dedicate their time to continuous learning, they will be able to improve their personal and professional life, they will acquire knowledge and they will have many other benefits.

Personally, I would not have been able to create and successfully manage my link building company had I not decided to self-educate myself as well as to attend and enroll in several online and offline courses in the digital marketing niche.

Why should people dedicate their time to lifelong learning?

  • There are persons who need to enroll in new classes if they want to improve their skills and keep their job. They prefer online classes, because they do not have to miss from work in order to attend courses, and they are cheaper than college classes. This was the case with me when I decided to take online courses from the University of UC Davis to educate myself more about SEO.
  • Other persons engage in learning activities because they want to get their certification or license in order to grow their career.
  • By following the classes of a university you can get a certification in the domain you need.
  • When they feel that the job they have does not offer them the satisfaction they engage themselves in training that helps them apply for a job position that suits them better.

How will a degree (accredited or not) help people in their career?

  • The job market is in a continuous change, and candidates can meet its requirements only if they continue to learn and improve their skills. Employers search for educated candidates, because the current job market lacks qualified job applicants. A degree, from an accredited or unaccredited university will offer them better career prospects.
  • The majority of candidates who apply for a job are under prepared, because only 40% of adults enroll in a university. Studies show that by the year 2020 more than half of the job positions of the market will require applicants to have a degree. Even the current market offers an advantage to the persons who have a university degree. Employers do not make a distinction between an accredited and an unaccredited university, because all these institutions are reliable and only the persons who acquire the needed skills are able to graduate.
  • There are people who want to attend university classes because they consider that having a degree will help them earn more money when they will get a job. It is a good reason to enroll to university. There are also people who want to improve their knowledge and they consider challenging to graduate from a university. A degree has a great impact on a person’s self-perception, because it offers them the self-confidence they need to decide what they want to do further with their life. A degree changes people’s standard of living but also their career prospects.