3 Different Types of Rehabilitation Centers You Must Know

March 20, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

It is quite common for those with the alcohol or substance addictions to take help from the professional at the right time. But, what are the choices do exist? Are there are differences between the treatment centers and the programs they provide? Yes, there are various types of rehabs with each one of them offering separate treatment facilities to the patients. What are the factors that one should consider while choosing the best rehab or what are the signs that will help to identify the reliable one from the various options, are important things to consider.

About The Similarities, Mainly All Treatment Centers Do Have the Same Type of Goal or Objectives-

  1. Reducing the substance addiction or achieving an addiction-free life
  2. Reducing the frequency and severity of the relapse
  3. Enhancing the various aspects of life functions and helping in finding a positive way of life.

Depending on the treatment programs offered by the rehab centers, the treatment is categorized into two units- one is the residential and the other one is the outpatient. Let us have a look at the various types of the treatment programs and they are helpful in fighting against the addiction.


Residential Rehab Centers Where Patients Are Allowed To Stay Round The Clock

At the residential centers, the individuals stay under the surveillance of the professionals. They stay at the rehab round-the-clock for a quite long time. They are given treatment by the experts at the rehabs and with the help of the inpatient arrangements, help the addicts to get recovered very soon. The treatment facilities help the patients to stay physically away from the drugs and alcohol. The patients stay in a peaceful environment and recover from the addiction day by day through the healing process. They are surrounded by experienced and caring experts who take care of the addicts.


The Outpatient Center from Where the Patient Can Return Home or Work

This is just the opposite of the residential rehabs. Here the addicts come and take help from the experts. But, they do not have to stay there 24 hours. They are treated when they arrive at the rehab and after availing the treatment, the patient can go to their home or lead a normal life. This is best for those who are unable to leave everything and stay at the residential rehabs. One of the services offered by the outpatient treatment centers is the detoxification. The second popular service is the counseling. The counseling can be done on the single patient or in a group. It is important to note that the frequency and the duration of the treatment during the outpatient treatment vary from patients to patients.


Only Medications Are Given By the Specialists at Rehab

The addicts who feel uncomfortable to visit the rehabs for the regular checkup, they can avail the medications. There are various psychologists available who check the addict’s condition and note down the degree of addiction and in which stage he is going through.  Then, the expert prescribes medications that help to stay away from the drugs and alcohol. Often, the patients are given the medications at the rehabs. After the medicine course complete, the patient is asked to visit the rehab again. Within this time, the health shows positive change.

These are three types of rehabilitation centers that you must know. When your close one is suffering from any addiction of any drugs or alcohol, it is a must that you take him to the best rehabilitation center near your home.