7 Interesting Specializations in Law to Pursue

February 11, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Law is a field that offers a multitude of opportunities to the students who chose to study it. A whole range of opportunities are available for lawyers, both in the private and public sector. This is one of the reasons why people actively opt for law. They look for some of the best colleges in order to receive the best education and make a successful career afterwards. However, one of the problems law students face is what field they should specialize in. Here, we try to suggest some of the interesting specializations in the field of law that one can pursue:

  1. Civil Law

Civil law is one of the specializations where there are more opportunities in the private sector. However, this does not mean there are no opportunities in the government sector. Since this is an important requirement for private companies, they have more hiring for people specializing in the field of civil law. This field majorly includes guardian disputes, individual rights, wills, deeds, damage suits, etc.

  • Corporate Law

Presently, corporate law is one of the most sought specializations in the sector. It includes working with business giants and handling their contracts, ordinances and more. This is one of the most financially rewarding sectors. It offers high-society professional environment that one is used to seeing on television and in movies. Here, you work in team to handle the legal aspects of a business regarding growth, new policies, hiring of new employees, handling business disputes etc. People seek the field of corporate because of the luxurious lifestyle it offers.

  • Property and Estate Law

Real estate is one of the sectors in India that is growing at a rapid rate. And this rapid growth in the sector leads to need more real estate lawyers. Here you get to work with real estate companies, both small and big as their employee or even as a legal advisor.  In the property and real estate law you need to look after sale deeds, property titles, property conveyance, lease issues, acquirement of land, registering the project, getting approvals etc. To those who want to work in the real estate sector or work closely in it, this is the ideal specialization for you to pursue.

  • Intellectual and Patent Law

What with growing globalization this is a field that is gradually gaining more popularity. Because now there are a plethora of companies with so many of their products, and selling them with their USP, they want to prevent their competitors from stealing the design. Companies want to protect their products through patents and intellectual property rights laws. Here, you practice with copyrights, trademarks etc.

  • International Business Law

This is a field of specialization that has great number of opportunities in the corporate as well as private sector. And here you can work both nationally and internationally. In this field you actively deal with laws related to business and trade. This includes for you to study contract matters, international trade, competition law, arbitration, tax, etc.

  • Criminal Law

And if you want to have a thrilling, exciting, and challenging career, criminal law might be the field you would want to specialize in. This is a roller coaster job where you get to deal with, interact with, and interrogate witnesses and accused, workaround the forensic reports, post-mortem reports, etc. Here, you can work as private as well as public executor.It is one of the most taxing fields to work in, but it has its thrills. This is why, if you want to specialize in criminal law, you should study from one of the best law colleges in Delhi. Since Delhi is the capital of India, it has some of the best law colleges in city.

  • Environmental Law

If you want to do social work while working in the field of law and contribute towards a safe environment, then environmental law is the right sub-discipline to pursue. As we evolve as a society which is aware of the damage that humanity has caused to the environment over the years, it is important to take necessary steps to mitigateit. This is one of the reasons why several people are now inclined towards environmental issues. It is a field that is gradually gaining popularity,as it has the element of environmental protection attached to it.

Searching for a good institute for law in Delhi NCR or for that matter any other region in India is not an easy task. However, if you intend to pursue it the National Capital, make sure you do it from the top law college in Delhi.