9 Ways To Display Christmas Ornaments Without A Holiday Tree

March 4, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

When celebrating Christmas, the staple is always the finishing touch on the holiday tree. However, more and more homes are employing a tree-less approach as they celebrate Christmas. Everyone has their own reasons for not implementing a tree for their Christmas decorations, but the need to make the ornaments stand out is the same.

It might feel a little unconventional especially if it is your first time designing your home for Christmas without a tree, but you get used to it very quickly. If you’ve ever wondered how you can put up Christmas ornaments personalized without a holiday tree, read the guide below.

1. Around the window

Hang your Christmas ornaments around the window and you’ll be able to establish a theme for the rooms in your home. They are a lot easier to see especially when compared to a tree which is at a single point.

2. Over furniture

During Christmas, it is unavoidable to move furniture around if you are going to have a holiday tree. If you’re not, you can just decorate the furniture that you would’ve moved with Christmas ornaments so you can cover a lot more ground.

3. On the wall

Although most homeowners don’t dare touch the walls of their home, there are actually ways for you to be able to display Christmas ornaments without leaving residue such as taking advantage of painter’s tape. You only have to use it in areas where they’re not visible.

4. Where things hang

If you already have things around your home that are hanging, then you can temporarily replace them with Christmas ornaments. This way, you aren’t changing too many things while you are still able to decorate for Christmas.

5. Front door

Your front door should make an impression and to do so, you’re going to need Christmas ornaments. Place Christmas ornaments personalized on your front door so you can show the Christmas spirit to your guests even if you don’t have a holiday tree.

6. On the ceiling

The ceiling is often a dull space in homes and rightfully so. Decorating the ceiling can make a room feel cramped. There are ways such as selecting the right areas for decoration to ensure that it doesn’t feel cramped for Christmas decorations.

7. On a floor lamp

If you have a floor lamp, you don’t really have to dismantle it to put up some ornaments around it. You can even put ornaments that will blend well with the light that the lamp emits.

8. Above tables

Whether it’s the coffee table or the dining table, you can place ornaments right above them to display the different Christmas decorations that you have. Just make sure that there’s enough light to avoid making the table feel smaller.

9. Around the staircase

If you have a staircase at home, you’ll have a great time decorating it with ornaments. You can take the approach mentioned above with the wall or you can even display Christmas ornaments on the steps as long as they’re minimal to prevent accidents.

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