A Brief Discussion on the Different Types of Lawyers

June 4, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

It does not matter if one wishes to seek help from a lawyer or lately planning to attend a law school; most of the people tend to get confused regarding the types of lawyers available out there. While there are plenty of legal practices, in the following write-up, I have jotted down a few major ones among the lot. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  1. A business lawyer, also known as a corporate lawyer, is known for resolving the diverse issues associated with intellectual property, employment, tax compliance, and mergers as well as the acquisition of organizations. Most of these professionals focus only upon colossal enterprises but there are a few, who offer services to small companies as well.
  1. Securities and finance lawyer operates in very exclusive areas of the legal sector. He or she primarily handles issues that originate in banking institutions when an individual is dispensing money or in stock markets. The said professional also offers support if the SEC files complaint against an individual or corporation.
  1. According to the latest research, family lawyers are most in demand. While some of them concentrate only on divorces, many fabricate strategies to resolve other kinds of problems under the extensive domain of family law such as preparation of prenuptial agreements, adoption, distribution of possessions, child custody battles, domestic violence, child neglect and abuse, etc.
  1. Personal injury lawyers are noted for successfully dealing with accidents and injuries of almost any kind. They would represent your case if your car crash, a doctor misdiagnoses a medical condition, you got dangerous side-effects from a medication that was deemed safe by the pharmaceutical companies. These professionals are known for taking contingency fees. In other words, they accept money only if the case is won.
  1. According to a renowned criminal defense attorney of Newark, criminal lawyers defend those individuals, who are accused of committing crimes such as shoplifting, driving under any influence, assault, murder, drug trafficking, etc., and breaking the protocols set by the government. The primary goal is to either help them stay out of jail or alleviating their sentence period to a great extent.
  1. Tax lawyers are noted for helping business organizations and individuals so that they abide by the federal and state laws while filing the tax returns. These professionals also extend support in case the government takes action against a person and forces him/her either to go to jail or to pay a huge amount of fines.
  1. Traffic lawyers deal with plenty of clients each day and they are required to solve cases or generate outcomes within a short period. At times they might help in case one was driving under influence (DUI) but mostly they tend to resolve cases made if a person violated traffic rules by not stopping at a red light or tried to avoid speeding ticket.
  1. Owing to the advent of the internet, a new domain of law was opened. Digital media lawyers are known for focusing on all those legal issues that arise due to our misuse of technology. Most of the cases were made on cyberbullying, piracy of movies and music, children targeted by the online predators, etc.

If you are on a lookout for lawyers, make sure to check his/her specialization and whether he/she is capable of handling your case or not. Hiring a family lawyer to solve tax evasion would certainly not generate desirable outcomes.