Black Diamond: The Shining Black Stone For Your Partner’s Engagement Ring

June 10, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

A black diamond is a great statement made in the fashion industry. Black diamonds are in good demand nowadays. Previously people were unaware of what black diamond is. But now black diamond has become a style statement and pone of the top choice in engagement rings. Engagement is an extraordinary occasion for anyone. So it is essential to decide what ring you want for your marriage.

Diamonds are people’s dreams, but many cannot purchase diamonds just for their high price. But there are various other stones which are alternative to the diamonds. The alternates for the diamonds are aquamarine, morganite, black stone. Black diamonds have had a very long history. It took a long time for the black diamonds to be the center stone for engagement purposes.

Soft stones are in good demand in the engagement rings nowadays. Stones like pink morganite, aquamarine, purple amythestor is the smooth stone and is in good demand in engagement ring trends. The black diamond has a unique stone that has a functional appearance of classy. Many women do not have a liking for the diamonds and want to opt for some other alternative for diamonds, so aquamarine is one of the best-preferred aquamarine engagement rings.

Reality of Black Diamond

Yes, black diamonds are real. Many people have questions about whether black diamonds are real or not because till date most of them are unaware of its existence. Diamonds are expensive, many people have dreams of purchasing diamonds, but for the budgetary concern, they cannot buy diamonds. There are several types of black diamonds, natural, human-made, and treated black diamonds. Moreover, the black diamond is now known as fancy blacks. In ancient times the black diamond was not even recognized by people. There is a diamond called black Orlov of 67.50 carats, like Eye of Brahman. This stone was stolen from India in the 1800s. The old men say that the owner of this stone was cursed, and they committed suicide.

Stone-like pink morganite, aquamarine, purple amythestor, and blue topaz is very soft for daily usage, as our hands are always moving and tend to hit on anything. Customers have very little interest in black diamonds until the 20th century. The craze for the black diamond has increased because of the jewelry designers and the fashion industry, exceptionally when this is a craft in small jewelry. Black diamond came into notice when Mr. Big gave a big hit in the movie sex in the city, where Carrie flaunted the black diamond in the movie. After the movie, the black diamond got more popularity in the US. Then again in 2010, the movie sex in the city two artists, Kat Von D flaunted the black diamond engagement rings, after then the interest grew in people.

How black diamond got its color?

Recent research states that the cause of black color is just because of various minerals. We all know that the black diamond receives the color from multiple metals in a large quantity of graphite, pyrite, or hematite. Just for graphitization, there are various small other stones in the black diamond. The actual color of the natural black diamond is olive green or brown.

The natural black diamond is completely transparent, giving it a high luster and has a metallic appearance. The black diamond is tough in cutting, polishing the stone. The black stone needs to be set with great care.

The black diamond is not at all expensive, and they are readily available in the market. The black diamond is stunning, has a sparkling look, and gives a vintage or classy look. The black diamond is for jewelry creations. The black diamond is of two types, natural and human-made. The natural diamonds are expensive and rarely found; the cost of the natural diamond is $3000-$5000 per carat. The human-made diamonds are done with extreme heat and pressure, and the human-made diamonds are $300 per carat. The human-made diamonds are used in industries but not in jewelry concept.

Grade of black diamonds

The 4C’s- clarity, color, cut, and carat weight are the significant factors of the black diamond. The Gemological Institute of America does not give any grade of the black diamond. The Gemological Institute of America still provides a few documentation for the black diamond for the quality that can be proved. The black diamond is also known as Fancy black, and the color is stated as natural or treated.

Maintenance of Black Diamonds

The natural black diamond has hundreds of microscopic fractures. The black diamond is priced for its hardness and durability. The minerals which are included in the black diamond make it more vulnerable. Black diamonds have their beauty, thus making this the best one for couples with romance. The black diamond is a symbol of love. If you do not have any culture or curse, you can defiantly go for a black diamond.

Value of Black Diamond

The black diamonds are one of the fancy diamonds and are extremely valuable. The price of a black diamond also depends on a variety of characteristics. There are various shades of the black diamond. The metal should be kept in mind while purchasing a black diamond. The minerals of white gold or yellow will suit best with black diamonds. The black diamonds in comparatively with white diamond is low in price. The natural black stone is transparent and is green in color.


Diamonds are excellent material for investment; the value of diamonds increases with time. But black diamond is not the right thing to investment on. The value of black diamond never increases, so it is not good to invest in black diamonds. If the black diamond used to have unique characteristics, then the price of the black diamond would increase.

As the black diamond, the ultimate for a classy or vintage look. If you have good thinking and do not take black diamonds as a curse, then a black diamond is fit for engagement purposes, depending upon your partner’s approval. If you both like the same, you may go for the black diamond engagement rings.