Capital Timeshare- Essentials You Need For Summer Kayaking During Your Travels

September 27, 2022 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Kayaking is a wonderful pastime for many people. Paddling in the water, close to nature and wildlife, is a mesmerizing experience. On your travels, if you decide to go out for summer kayaking, there are certain things that you need beyond a great paddle and a reliable flotation device. It would help if you were safe on the waters and protected from the harsh sun as well. 

Capital Timesharedo not forget these things during summer kayaking 

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Sunblock is a must

According to the experts here, when you are going summer kayaking, you must apply sunblock with an SPF of at least 50 or more. If you have kids with you, ensure you slather a lot of sunscreen on their exposed body parts to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Check the weather forecast before you go kayaking

Before you go out, remember to check the weather forecast on the previous day. Summer is the time when you can expect sudden rainstorms with thunder and lightning. Safety is the key when paddling on the water during this time. In case the weather forecast for that day seems mild, ensure you have a Plan B in case the unexpected occurs. 

Stay away from motorboats on the water

Summertime is vacation time for most people, and often you will find people partying on motorboats on the same waters. Those who kayak know that paddling and drinking do not go together. However, not everyone on a motorboat or a ski jet follows this golden rule. The best way for you to avoid ships is to stay out of their routes. 

Watch out for boating channels on the water (they are generally marked with black and red buoys). Keep your ears open to listen to the sound of motorboats. Once you hear them, get out of their way. Remember never kayak after sunset. Even if you have stern lights, visibility with them is low, so the motorboat might not be able to see you after dusk. 

Be respectful of wildlife

Summer is the time when you will find several wildlife species on the banks of the river. Birds rear their young, feed them, and chicks are generally taught how to fly during this time of the year. Do not cause them distress by coming too close to them. 

Dress for summer

If you want a comfortable kayak experience during summer, you should dress in light cotton clothes. Keep a pair of shoes that will dry fast in a separate bag. Caps with wide brims will keep the harsh sunlight away from your face. 

The experts at Capital Timeshare state that these are just some essentials that you need to keep in mind when you are going for summer kayaking during your travels. The fundamental rule is to be safe and enjoy your experience on the waters in a new destination.