Common Car Wash Myths We Should Be Aware Of

September 19, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Myths keep spreading about almost every aspect of lives, especially if the sphere doesn’t involve high technical knowledge, and if it is a phenomenon that is used by the common people. Car wash is such an activity that doesn’t ask for a highly technical knowledge and can be done by anybody or everybody. At the same time, car wash is also done by professionally trained people at car service centers. So, it is no surprise that there will be some common myths spreading about car wash that are from the non-technical lot of people, while the professional will say, believing these myths will leave you with a lackluster vehicle, that looks awful with scratched paint appearing to be older than it really is.

Using Laundry or Dishwashing Liquid for Car Wash

One of the most widely spread myths regarding car wash we came to know from the Chevrolet dealer Twin Falls service center is that, you can use laundry or dishwashing liquid for washing your car. But in reality, the laundry or dishwashing liquid cleaners mostly are made of ingredients that are not meant to be used on car paints. These liquids are composed of caustic substances that can strip down the outer layer of the car paint that is applied to protect the inner paint shine. When exposed to oxidation, this layer of paint tends to dry out before time.

Leather Protectant Products are Safe for the dashboard

Many car users believe that it is safe to use leather protectant products even on the car dashboard. But it is a myth that can damage the dashboard surface instantly. Leather protective products are formulated to protect the leather surfaces that don’t go well with synthetic materials that are used to construct the dashboard. If you want to protect your car dashboard from regular sun damage you need products that meant to be used for PVC-ABS.

Car Waxing is Not Necessary

Many car owners tend to believe that car waxing is overdoing of car maintenance, which isn’t really required to keep the car protected. But in reality, Car Wax provides the car surface with an extra layer of protection from dirt and grit. Hence, car waxing also helps in preserving the car paint from getting faded after subsequent car washes and also from environmental as well extreme weather damages. It is the process of car waxing that keeps your car look glossy and new through years, sustaining its new look.

You Can Use Any Type of Cleaning Cloth

Though apparently the car paint seems to be strong enough to withstand rough handling, it is actually not the case. Many car owners believe that any kind of cleaning cloth can work while car wash, like T-shirts or paper products, but in many cases, they are either too smooth to remove the grease, or too rough for the surface that can leave scratches on the paint after several uses. To avoid such probabilities, you only have to invest in a pack of either chamois or terry microfiber cleaning cloths that are particularly designed for auto detailing. Now that you are aware of these car wash myths, you can keep your car look fresh and new by following the right methods recommended by the experts of the Chevrolet Twin Falls.