Creating a Memorable Experience with Inflatable Animal Costumes and Mascots

June 27, 2023 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Inflatable or air-inflated costumes are created by blowing up costumes using a battery-powered blower. Their size and height can be customised, and they are a great way to attract the attention of people around them. They can be used at parties for entertainment or for brand promotional activities.

Types of Inflatable Costumes

There are two types of inflatables in terms of their coverage:

  • The full-coverage ones will cover your entire body with hidden holes for eyes and breathing. It comes with a zipper closure which might be hidden beneath your costume hands.
  • The partial coverage ones will cover your legs or go above your torso. You can wear a matching shirt or cap since only half of your body will be covered with the inflatable.

What are the Uses of These Inflatables

  • Inflatable animals can be used as a prop to create skits or games at parties or events. Themed inflatables have also become quite famous as it is a fun option for costume parties. If you are having a poolside celebration, they can be used as a floating decoration to double up the fun.
  • The inflatable costumes are also preferred due to their portability. You can carry them wherever you want without much hassle. They are easy to store and can be used as a prop whenever needed. They can be used at children’s parties because they are fun and safe. It is an excellent choice for individuals of all ages.
  • These outfits are also an extraordinary way to celebrate. They add to the party’s entertainment and increase the event’s fun factor. You can even make your pets wear a small inflatable- they are comfortable and safe. It can be an excellent choice for costume parties; you can wear this inexpensive but fun option for your next Halloween party. The costumes will indeed help you to look your best.
  • Apart from fun and celebration, the inflatables can also be used to promote your business. An inflatable animal with your business logo can increase brand awareness and create a memorable customer experience. But make sure they are made of good quality materials and must display your brand message.

In conclusion, Inflatables are lightweight and easy to wear. Traditional mascots needed a lot of clothing whose weight could go above 20 pounds. This differs from inflatables as they need only a few layers of clothing. They are made of light-weighted vinyl and air-filled; hence, they can even float on water. Utilising them is additionally very easy; all you would like to do is connect them to a battery-operated blower, and you’ll be good to go.