Everything one should know about Jute rugs

August 7, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

While decorating homes, people prefer the best rugs for it. But usually, the best rugs come with a heavy price. Also, their sustainability is not that much as compared to natural rugs. So, to solve this problem, one can rely on natural rugs which can suit one’s place well. Jute rugs are more lasting than synthetic rugs and they are comparatively cheaper as well. Jute rugs are made of natural fibre Jute. It is a vegetable fibre. Jute rugs are organic and biodegradable as well. The rugs made of Jute are long-lasting though not suggested for high traffic areas they are suitable for bedrooms, kitchen or dining room. The Jute rug goes with every kind of décor if chosen wisely. It makes the place more appealing. Here are some important things that one should know about Jute rugs:

#History of Jute fibre

The Jute fibre is very old in the weaving industry. It is used widely in making a different kind of products such as ropes and sturdy fibre. The Jute fibre comes from the Jute plant, which is a vegetable fibre. The origination of Jute is said to be in India and Bangladesh.

#Presents unique presence

The Jute rugs have a different kind of features. The Jute rugs are wooden tan in colour. Even without dying the jute rug compliments every kind of décor. The fibres extracted from the Jute plant are strong and when converted into a rug gives out a rough and tough rug. This is the reason that jute rugs sustain for long.

#Types of Jute rugs

The Jute rug comes in various types as they can be woven into different patterns. They also come in different shapes and sizes. The Jute rugs can be dyed into many colours. Though the natural jute colour goes with every décor, they come in different shades as well. So, the person can buy it any colour as well that he prefers.

# Environment-friendly rugs

The Jute rugs are natural rugs that are environment-friendly. The Jute rugs are biodegradable and organic. If one is a nature lover then the Jute rug is the best option as it is a green rug that does not harm nature in any way. There is nothing to worry about disposal as well. Also, if one gets bored from the rug then he can change it without worrying about the wastage. The jute fibre grows in abundance and the user needs not to worry about it.

The Jute rug is a beautiful option for users for not only nature lovers but also who want to be rational while spending. The jute rugs are economical as they are less costly than synthetic fibre rugs. These rugs are reliable and give a unique touch to the place. They come in different weaving patterns and one can choose according to the décor of the place. Also, the Jute rugs come with less maintenance as they can be cleaned easily. So, Jute rugs are a perfect option one can buy.