Experience Superior Office Seating with the ErgoStool

March 26, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

The ErgoStool is an office chair reimagined using the latest ergonomic designs and concepts. Manufactured with health and mental wellness in mind, Autonomous has designed the ideal office chair which just so happens to not be a chair at all. Stools are often seen as stiff, cheap ways of sitting, but the ErgoStool redefines the purpose of a stool by taking into consideration the numerous health benefits to this type of seating. Overall, sitting in a stool is a more natural way to mimic the way in which the body wants to position itself to ensure proper blood flow and comfort.

Office chairs support slouching and slumping over, but the ErgoStool encourages proper posture by eliminating armrests and a backrest. WIth just the stool to support the user, core and back muscles are used more than they would be in a traditional chair. This helps to build strength in these two important areas, the effects of which will benefit other areas of physical health. The core strength developed by sitting on the ErgoStool helps with balance, control over the body, and overall wellness.

More often than not, stiffness and soreness comes from the body wanting to be in a different, more natural position. The body craves freedom and the ability to natural sway and transfer weight around the lower body. The ErgoStool allows the body to achieve this natural flow of movement, and even better, it offers the freedom to adjust the way it sits with a 24” to 34” height adjustment. This allows the ErgoStool to mimic a sitting position, as well as a half standing position that elongates the body in a natural way conducive to comfort and proper muscle distribution.

Stop Soreness Today with Autonomous

When shopping for an ergonomic office chair, make Autonomous the first visit here. With multiple ergonomic office chair options, there is not a single feature missing from the products offered by Autonomous, and rarely another company can offer this quality of office chair at such a reasonable price. To experience a fresh feeling all over the body, even after an 8 hour work day or more on busy days, is a priceless feeling.

As days turn into weeks, the wear on the body that comes from an underperforming chair can be life altering, even resulting in an increased chance of injury and pain. Soreness may start quietly, but its effects can be heard and felt by millions of working professionals. Fight soreness and say goodbye to stiff limbs with an Autonomous office chair: the most ergonomic, affordable option online.