Google’s AMP – Shaping the World of Online Digital Marketing

February 16, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

The unprecedented rise in the uses of mobile phones has enforced digital marketing experts to think something new that will make the process of development hassle free and easier. In this regard, some big names have emerged but the kind of effort given by the search engine giant Google was simply significant.

Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP in short) is one of the efficient initiatives of Google that is intended to build a better as well as user-friendly mobile web by introducing a new standard for building web content for the mobile devices.

It is actually a set of rules that are used for forming lighter as well as a simple version of HTML. The best thing is that the web pages built with obedience with AMP will definitely load in a jiffy on different types of mobile devices.

There are number of reasons why online digital marketers should make use of Google’s AMP. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • It offers ultimate user experience
  • It ensure positive results on the CTR as well as ranking of the site
  • It is excellent in managing all the pages in the website Auditor

Since its launch back in February 2016, AMP has been in the SEO news and it is needless to mention that it has helped numerous companies dealing in this online world in many ways. So, if you haven’t started working with AMP, do not delay anymore.