How pregnancy kicks can ensure all is well with your baby

February 19, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

In the best pregnancy forums basic decision evolves on the wellbeing of your baby. On a pregnancy advice forum some commonly asked questions posed about baby kicks are as follows

When can you feel the first kicks of your baby during pregnancy?

Around 18 weeks of pregnancy you feel the first kicks of your little one. This movement is termed as quickening. If it is your first pregnancy movements could be felt around 20 week of pregnancy whereas in the second pregnancies this could happen around week 16. Patterns of baby movement changes once pregnancy proceeds which would allow around 45 movements in an hour.

What to do if the movements of your baby are reduced?

Any noticeable changes in movements of your baby should not be ignored. Discuss with your doctor as they are going to provide you with a suggestion based on the stage of pregnancy you find yourself. Even after 24 weeks of pregnancy if you do not feel baby kicks then get in touch with your doctor. They are going to ask you to be part of an ultrasound.

What are the main reasons why babies are going to kick more at night?

In a womb babies are known to develop a unique pattern of movements. During day time you are going to be engaged in various activities. At night when the movements stop foetus becomes more alert and goes on a kicking sphere. Once the foetus starts responding to sounds the baby feels that there is silence outside and copes up to changes in an external environment.

Is there any need to keep a track of the kicks on a recurring basis?

If pregnancy is following a healthy pattern there is no definite need to keep a track of baby kicks. In case if you do feel the baby movements for a few hours or even days then it is a definite cause of concern. Doctors recommend women to fix up a daily chart and count baby kicks at that particular time of the day.

What happens if the baby does not kick?

If the baby movements are reduced you can resort to the following measures

  • Just sit down, take a deep breath and relax
  • Have some snacks or a cold drink to keep your feet up. The sugar or the coldness could force the baby to respond
  • The baby can respond via pokes, hiccups or by rolling

The method by which you can count the kicks?

Set yourself a daily chart where you can count the kicks of your baby. As part of your pregnancy feeling kicks of your little one appears to be a major milestone. It points to the wellbeing of your baby and reassures you that all is well with your pregnancy. During your monthly visits no wonder your doctor take stocks of the daily movements. In case if the kicks of your baby stop after a certain point it is necessary to consult your doctor.