How to download Vidmate on Phone and PC?

March 8, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

The generation today lives in the most comfortable surroundings where every work could be done through apps and every app could be downloaded via play store. However, the vast collection of play store might not include a few important applications like Vidmate that could be really helpful and beneficial for you and improve your experience of watching online videos. There are other ways that could allow you to install these applications on your android phones. 

Vidmate is a video downloading application made with utmost concern about their users. The application however is not available on the Play Store and therefore, many of you would get confused about how to download this app. 

The procedure of downloading Vidmate app is very simple for the android phone users. However, Vidmate for iPhone is the next target for the company since due to restriction of iPhone, apps could only be downloaded by Apple store and from no other sources. This problem would be soon sorted out and until then, you could download Vidmate video downloading app on your apple computer. 

If you do not know how to download the app, here are the steps to help you to download Vidmate video downloader.

How to download Vidmate on your android device? 

It is very easy to download the Vidmate app on your mobile phones. You have to follow the steps me below to install it on your phone.

✓APK file

In the first step, you need to download the Vidmate APK file from the Vidmate official site.

✓ File manager

After the go to your file manager to the ‘downloads’ folder. There are few things that you must do before installing the app on your phone. Many devices do not allow you to download application from other sources and therefore, you must first enable the settings. 
• Go to the settings. Different phone would have different pathways to open settings. 
• You will need to enable the “installation from unknown sources”

✓ Installation
Tap on the Vidmate APK file. The window would display seeking your permission for installation. Click on install. The file would download in no time. According to your mobile setting, you might get a warning, otherwise, you must go ahead with the downloading process.

These three simple steps would allow you to enjoy undisturbed streaming of videos from various sources.

Can you install Vidmate on your computer?

YES! Vidmate app could be downloaded on your computer, both with Windows or Apple. Although Vidmate for iPhone is under process, you can easily install it on your apple laptops.  

• Open your favourite browser and go to
• Search for ” download blue stick app”, an application used as an interface for windows and apple computers that allows you to run android apps on your device. Downloading this would enable you to download Vidmate app on your computer. 
• After downloading the blue stick app, you must install it on your device from the file manager of your computer. 
• After the installation gets complete. Search for the Vidmate video downloading app from its inbuilt feature. 
• Once you found Vidmate app, follow the same process. Download the APK file, enable your settings and install the application on your computer to enjoy buffer free videos.