How To Repurpose Old Kitchen Tools Into Amazing Garden Decorations

October 26, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

When it comes to decorating your garden, there are many garden decorations you can buy. But if you want to give a unique look to your garden, you can of course make some decorations on your own. You just need to be creative and think of how you can easily repurpose some old items. For instance, you can reuse old kitchen tools and here you will find several great ideas of how to turn them into amazing garden decorations.

  • Tea cups – If you have some old tea cups that you no longer use, don’t throw them away but use them to create tiny fairy gardens. This can be perfect decorations for your outdoor space, whether you choose to set some on the porch, on the side of the stairs or maybe on the coffee table in your backyard.
  • Galvanized buckets and tea pots – Water features are also a must-have part for any garden or backyard, so maybe you can try to make one. Use some old galvanized buckets or some tea pots to make some cool water fountain that will become the focal point over there.
  • Colanders – Colanders can be easily turned into planters and he hole they contain are perfect for water drainage. They can be easily spray painted in any color you like. Also, you can use a colander to create a beautiful wind chime for your porch, by attaching some spoons and forks on it.
  • Glass bottles – Empty glass bottles are definitely one of the most repurposed items. You can use glass bottles to create a beautiful edging, some eye-catching pathway, some garden art or maybe use them as light fixtures. To make them even more outstanding, paint them in any color you like.
  • Plates – Plates can be also repurposed into versatile garden decorations. You can use them to make an edging for the garden beds. You can also create a beautiful mosaic decorations out of broken plates. This could be some mosaic stepping stone, a mosaic planter or a mosaic birdhouse.

As you can see, old kitchen tools can be easily repurposed into versatile garden decorations. You don’t need to possess any special skills to make them, just be creative and repurpose them in the way you like. The result will be a beautifully decorated garden decorations that cannot be seen everywhere. And no need to mention, that you will save some money for not buying any new garden decorations.