Instagram Feed – Choose This Free Instagram WordPress Plugin for Business Promotion and Get More Followers!

May 16, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Instagram is one of the most widely-sought after social media platforms online. Today over 800 million people are using Instagram on a regular basis. If you are a business owner and have not registered on Instagram, it is prudent to do so today. When you register on Instagram, you effectively can reach out to these customers as well as promote your goods and services to them effectively!

Integration of WordPress and Instagram for your business promotion

If you take a look at most of the business websites today, you will find that they are generally built on WordPress. Most business owners today are using this platform primarily because it is search engine friendly as well as simple for them to use. However, when you are using WordPress for the marketing and promotion of your business, it is crucial for you to ensure that it is linked to social media websites to reach out to the targeted audience better. WordPress makes the task easier for you as there are several plugins available on the official website that you can download. These plugins just need to be installed to make the site better when it comes to functionality as well as performance.

WordPress and Instagram

The integration of WordPress and Instagram means you can engage the targeted audience better. Thanks to some free as well as premium plugins available on the WordPress website you can install and use them for the promotion and marketing of your site. There are several Instagram WordPress plugins for you to choose from. However, when it comes to popularity, you will find that Instagram Feed is a popular plugin for Instagram that many online users opt for. This plugin is popular primarily because it has some unique features for your business website.

Instagram Feed-why it is popular today for your WordPress website?

When it comes to Instagram WordPress plugins for improving the appearance of your website, Instagram Feed is one of the most widely sought -after plugins for your use. This plugin has a free and premium version for you to use and improve the appearance of your website. This plugin helps you to get a business website that is both clean and beautiful. You effectively can add responsive feeds to your site with just a few simple steps. With Instagram Feed, you effectively can set up customization features to meet and match the look of your website with success!

Top 4 reasons for you to opt for Instagram Feed for marketing your WordPress site

The following are the top benefits when you install Instagram Feed on your website-

  1. Improve social engagement – With the aid of Instagram Feed, you effectively can improve the levels of social engagement on your website with success. Every business website needs followers, and with the aid of Instagram Feed, you effectively can increase the number of followers on your site. This can be done by displaying Instagram content on your business website directly.
  2. Helps you to save time – When you do not have the time to update your website with photographs, you may use Instagram Feed to do it for you. With this plugin, you can improve efficiency and upload images easily on your site. This is done automatically and saves you time to focus on other important matters of your business.
  3. Customize the content on your site – You can display the content on your site in the way you want to. The content on your website tends to blend in naturally to create stunning visuals that will attract your customers to your business site.
  4. Your business website looks fresh – Instagram Feed plugin helps you to stand out in the crowd with fresh content. This helps you engage your targeted audience. When you are competing in the online market, it is crucial for you to update your website with fresh content so that customers can find you easily.

When you opt for Instagram Feed for your website you do not have to bother about coding. There are many built-in customization options that are available for you so that you get a unique feed for your Instagram content. The moment you install Instagram Feed you can display all your photos in just 30 seconds. This means if you wish to update your business website with outstanding photographs you do not have to invest in a developer at all!

With the aid of Instagram Feed, you can display images from accounts that are non-private. When you are marketing your business website online, you should have a decent number of followers, likes, and views. This improves trust and credibility in the market. In case you do not have likes, followers and views you may purchase them from credible websites like Gram Blast.

Get unique features with the Instagram Feed Plugin for your WordPress website

When you use the Instagram Feed plugin for your WordPress website, you will find that you get a website that is mobile friendly and customized to meet your demands. The layout is responsive, and it looks nice on every screen irrespective of the size of its height and width. This plugin helps you to display many Instagram feeds on different pages and the same web page. There are short-code options you can use for the above purpose. This plugin also provides you with a built-in support for videos as well. If you are looking for a carousel feature, you can get all your photos in a carousel feature.

With the Instagram Feed plugin for your WordPress website, you can select whether the posts should appear chronologically or randomly. There are two versions – free and premium. Choose the plugin and view its demo so that you effectively can get an insight into what it has to offer. You should ensure that you check the demo properly before you opt for the premium version for your business website!