Introducing the Paso CBD Edible Gummy

July 14, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

CBD is increasingly getting a lot of airtime over here in the UK – we are seeing more CBD products and hearing a lot about its potential benefits – from CBD helping relaxation, to relieving stress and anxiety, to helping with little aches and pain. But, given its associations with Cannabis, many people, although interested by its potential magical powers, are still a little apprehensive about trying it and are worried it might make them high or that they are “getting into drugs” and doing something illegal. Whatsmore, the CBD products for sale in the UK did not exactly make trying it very appealing or attractive – products either continued to play into the “stoner” stereotype with marijuana leaves emblazoned everywhere or were extremely sterile and medicinal. Having both benefited from CBD, we wanted to change this so that people would actually want to try it for themselves and benefit as we had done! So we created a CBD brand that was approachable to consumers with a range of delicious CBD products that would attract both the CBD connoisseur, but also those new to CBD with options to try CBD in more recognisable and relatable formats such as CBD chocolate and CBD edible gummies.  

In this post, we’d like to tell you a little more about our CBD edible gummies and why we love them so much.  Of course, before launching our CBD edible gummies, we spent a lot of time looking at what was out there in the market and we found that it was really rather disappointing. The CBD edibles for sale in the UK paid little to no attention to taste and came in pretty budget packaging. All the CBD gummies we tried tended to taste too “hempy” and were often crammed full of artificial colours and sweeteners making them rather sickly. It was no surprise that people were put off trying CBD or not returning after tasting it!

The Paso CBD gummy on the other hand puts taste and deliciousness front and centre and comes in a beautiful little tin box that you’d want to own irrespective of its contents! All our CBD gummies are made with natural fruit juices – apple, blueberry and cranberry – and are totally free from artificial flavouring and colouring and though not vegan at the moment – this is something we are working on! This gives you a very natural (in terms of fruitiness not hempiness) juicy burst with every bite.

Each of our gummies are 20mg and taking CBD in this format makes it easier to track how much CBD you are taking at a time so you can accurately pop in as many gummies as is your desired dose. Importantly though, you have to remember that it takes a bit longer (1.5 – 2 hours) to feel the effects of the CBD. When taken in an edible format, because by eating the CBD, it has to pass through your digestive system before it goes into your bloodstream. This is why CBD edible gummies are often the best option if you are looking to take CBD as more of a daily supplement where the effects are more slower release and more subtle and is not in isolation to other things.

This is also why we think our CBD edible gummies are the perfect entry point for those new to CBD as they tend to be a bit weaker and are delicious in their own right, but with all the benefits that come with taking CBD.

Currently our CBD gummies are not vegan as they are made with gelatin, but we have been getting a lot of requests for CBD gummies that are vegan. So stay tuned as this is something we are working on.

Please shout if you have any questions for us and head over to our website to try our full CBD product range for yourself!