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May 29, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

The performances of precious metals have diverged wildly in 2020. The uuuu at is engaged in conventional and in situ uranium extraction and recovery, along with the exploration, permitting and evaluation of uranium properties in the United States. The Company operates through two segments: ISR Uranium and Conventional Uranium. It conducts its ISR activities through its Nichols Ranch Project, located in northeast Wyoming. It owns the Nichols Ranch Uranium Recovery Facility in Wyoming, which is a uranium recovery facility operating in the United States.

The stage at investor’s conference conquered by Australian mining and Technology Metal Companies.

 Metals investors will get some color on the market Thursday at the Australian Mining and Technology Metals Investor Conference. Executives from nine metals and mining companies will provide updates on their property positions, development schedules, recent performance. Spot gold is up 15% year-to-date and is flirting with eight-year highs as concerns about global economic growth drive demand in the haven. Silver, which is coming off a performance of precious metals, has diverged wildly in 2020. 

The Metals & Minerals Price Index—a weighted average of aluminum, copper, iron ore, lead, nickel, tin, and zinc prices— is down 15% year-to-date. All of this puts the mining and metals industry in a unique situation, as the market places a premium of one precious metal over all others. 

There are many tales of woe over the huge correction in the stock market, as the majority of companies could take as much as several years to recover to levels before the collapse, maybe longer, depending on how the government, business, and people respond after the smoke clears going forward.

While there has been a dismal weight hanging over the market, there has been a surprising number of segments that have been doing well over the last month or so, and have a good chance of continuing to do so for some time.

What the future looks like for them.

  • The majority has had their share prices move up by around 70 percent on average, and several of them even doubled in price since the end of March.
  • There have been so many biotech stocks, and most of them are jumping after an announcement related to either positive news associated with COVID-19 vaccine studies, or to tools and equipment used to treat or prevent the virus.

The strong performance of these four market segments under the current economic conditions is extraordinary, and all of them should continue to generate profits for discerning traders for small business. With many companies in the segments having made big runs over the last month, we do need to be careful not to chase the price at these highs. You can also check acwx at .