Reasons why one should visit a gynaecologist

February 26, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Women should be aware that they must see a gynaecologist at least once a year to remain in good health. There can be many problems they might face but going for a regular check-up can help them to be in a healthy condition.

There are many gynaecologists in Mumbai and one can go to them to get a regular check-up or if any problem comes up. Here are some major reasons why one should go and see them.

  • The first and foremost thing is, even if there are no current issues, every woman needs to go for a gynaecological check-up at least once a year. This practice should start when one reaches their teens and it should continue till the woman hits their menopause. Annual checkups will always find issues if there are any right on time. Due to detection on time, every problem that can arise will have a timely and successful treatment.
  • A yearly pelvic exam is also necessary. This can help in order to detect any kind of unusual growths or changes which may have developed due to some sexually transmitted infection or STI. If a woman has abnormal discharge or some disorders in menstruation, then they should definitely go for a check up on a yearly basis.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle is another major concern for which one should go and see a gynaecologist. The doctor will have a proper check up and give the patient the reason why they are having a longer or a shorter cycle. Also if the period bleeding becomes heavier and one suffers from cramps, then a doctor can always help.
  • If one is sexually active and they do not want to get pregnant at the moment then they should see a gynaecologist and ask them for help. The doctor can prescribe certain methods or contraceptives which can be very effective and it can also fit one’s lifestyle.
  • Pap smears should also be a part of the regular gynaecological examination. This test is mainly done and sent to the laboratory to see if there are any abnormal indicators or cancers. This is thus very important.
  • Gynaecologists can not only be seen for vaginal concerns. They can also be helpful if one wants to check their breast health. With the yearly check up, every woman should receive a manual breast examination to check if there is presence of any lumps or tissue masses there.
  • One can also consult a gynaecologist for painful sex. The source of pain can be physical or can be psychological and the doctor can discover it easily so that one can get rid of the discomfort easily.
  • If there is unusual amount if vaginal discharge then there can be some presence of infection there. So one needs to go for a check up and get clear about it.

Apart from all the above mentioned issues, the other major thing which a gynaecologist can help is in pregnancy. Once a woman conceives they need to depend on them fully.