Strategies for Achieving Victory on MU: Awakening with the Archer, Swordsman and Mage Classes

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MU: Awakening is an MMORPG with three classes for players to pick from: the Archer, Swordsman, and Mage. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and users must weigh their choices wisely if they want to build their characters correctly. In this piece, we will be offering a guide on how to get the most out of each class and its skills and gear.

The Archer – A Master of the Bow

This person is an ace when it comes to archery. They possess a great skill in the art of archery and have become a master of the bow.

The Archer is a powerful long-range fighter that can deal great harm. Their equipment is typically cheaper than the Mage and Swordsman, making it great for those who want to play without investing much money. Prices can differ from server to server, but they generally range within a certain boundary.

The Archer is classified as a physical class, meaning they are not as capable of dealing high damage in a short time like the Swordsman. Though they are slower in combat, their agility allows them to dodge attacks more easily compared to other classes, making them less vulnerable to being defeated quickly.

Attributes Recommended for Archery

It is beneficial for archers to possess certain attributes in order to excel in their craft. These include strength, accuracy, patience, and the ability to stay focused for extended periods of time. Additionally, having good physical coordination and a well-honed sense of aim can be of great help. It is also important to maintain a consistent technique, so that accuracy and precision are not sacrificed.

At the start of the game, it is beneficial for players to improve their Fivefold Arrow skill, which will help them clear out monsters quickly. If they want to gain an edge in PvP, they should level up their Frozen Arrow and Penetrating Arrow abilities. This can significantly reduce the harm opponents can cause them when they reach higher levels.

Creation of Supplies for Bowmen

In order to advance their equipment, gamers should concentrate on boosting their attack and defense capabilities. At the beginning, they can accelerate their progression by strengthening their Fivefold Arrow, Multiple Arrow, and Divine Power of War skills.

When it comes to gear, gamers should purchase a top-notch bow or crossbow and protective armor that enhances defense and agility. Accessories that boost attack power and critical hit probability should also be taken into consideration.

The Skilled Fighter with a Sword

This person is someone who is adept with a blade and is experienced in swordplay. They have the ability to wield a sword with great skill and precision. They know how to parry and attack, and they are well-versed in the techniques of fencing. This individual is an expert in the art of fencing and can use a sword to their advantage in any situation.

The Warrior, also known as the Swordsman, is a popular class in PK and has a commanding presence. Higher-level gear for the Warrior class is pricey, so it is mainly for the affluent. Nonetheless, those with the resources and determination to level up a Swordsman can partake in the most thrilling hand-to-hand combat and gear collecting the game has to offer.

Essential Attributes for Sword Fighters

Being a successful sword fighter requires a set of specific skills. These include strength and agility, as well as the ability to think quickly and react fluidly in battle. Furthermore, a good swordsman should possess an understanding of their weapon, including the types of strikes and defenses that can be used. Lastly, building up the endurance necessary to last in a fight is just as important as the other skills listed.

Players should prioritize improving their wings, a marker of affluence, and ascend the Tower of the Dead to the greatest degree they can. If the adversaries are too formidable, players can make use of distant attacks such as Destruction Strike and Gale Pierce to gradually weaken them from afar.

Players can hone their skills by running through dungeons and getting rid of useless bound equipment. Since these low-level items consume space and offer no benefit, melting them down is the ideal option.

Developments of Instruments for Fencing

Those who play Swordsman should consider selecting a powerful armament for enhancement, like the Maya Dragon Axe of the fifth stage or higher. Dual wielding one-handed swords such as the fifth grade True Greatsword is also suggested for those who have the financial means.

To become more potent in battle, gamers should invest in high-grade pieces of equipment that will help augment their attack power, defense, and critical hit chance.

The Sorcerer

A person skilled in the art of magic is referred to as a Mage. It is believed that Mages have a special power to perform supernatural feats. They are believed to be able to cast spells, create illusions, and use their powers to manipulate elements in the world. Mages have been a part of many cultures throughout history and have been used to explain phenomena that science has yet to explain. They are often seen as wise and powerful, able to bend the laws of reality to their will.

The Mage employs a different approach to combat in comparison to the Archer and Swordsman, utilizing strong magical abilities in lieu of physical damage to cause harm. The magical attacks from the Mage have a lingering damage effect, making them an incredibly resourceful addition to any team.

Qualities Necessary for Mage Success

Mages should possess certain capabilities in order to be successful. These skills include strong magical abilities, knowledge of different spells, and the ability to think quickly and accurately in stressful moments. Furthermore, mages need to be adept at problem-solving and have a deep understanding of the magical world. Other important skills include being able to collaborate with other mages, self-discipline, and creative thinking. Ultimately, having the right combination of these skills will help any mage reach their full potential.

Gamers should concentrate on enhancing their sorcery abilities, particularly Hellfire and Tornado which have great potential for control and aggression. These abilities can be employed during Player Killing to provide protection and make surprise strikes.

Creating Tools for Mages

Equipment development is essential for mages in order to maximize their potential and enhance their capabilities.

Mages have the option of selecting a Legendary Shield as their defensive gear. This shield is simple to acquire, requires only a minimal amount of resources, and provides a cost-efficient boost of attributes.

When crafting a weapon, gamers should select higher-level armaments with a higher probability of a critical hit, such as the Star Edge. Crafting a Legendary Star Edge tier of four and above is recommended for getting the best bonus stats.

Investigating the Unique Qualities of a Mage

The Mage class has a weaker attack power in comparison to the other two classes, but their continued magical attacks and area-of-effect damage can be quite a challenge for adversaries. Those who enjoy playing with Mages should consider using a higher-end smartphone so they can fully appreciate the game’s artfully crafted magical effects.


A synopsis of the MU: Awakening primary roles with some of their key attributes is given above. Unfortunately, no quick guidance on upgrading or swapping equipment is provided. Should players be interested, they can find further details on the Redfinger Android emulator platform on the website.

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