The Role of a Virtual Office in Building a Business from Scratch

November 15, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

If you are planning to launch your start-up, you would surely realize the significance of having a professional image for your business. That literally means that a proper address & phone number from a prestigious commercial address which is dependable and well-respected.

A virtual office is the most feasible option for a start-up entrepreneur or freelancer who are usually tight on the operational budget. If adoption of a virtual office sounds pricey to you, then you are certainly mistaken.

There are several start-up entrepreneurs aim in having a corporate image but do not have enough resources to lease a fancy office in a metro city. In such cases, adopting a virtual office is the most feasible option.

With a virtual office, you can receive a professional image that your new business requires as having to purchase or leasing an expensive office may not be possible in the start-up phase. You can afford to rest easy knowing that you do not require to hire a dedicated receptionist, purchase the necessary new office equipment and receive a separate phone line either.

Usage of a virtual office as a registered address of a business

You can opt to use a virtual office as a registered address while registering your business. There are several virtual office providers which offer the option of registered agent and the additional service of “service of process” (SOP) mail & also the mail from the secretary of the state.  

Building credibility for your business

One of the toughest things that the new businesses usually face is building adequate trust amongst the potential customers. When there is the option of choosing an older & more established brand which has years of history behind them, the smaller businesses are often overlooked.

By building adequate trust in the early stages is crucial if you require to win the business from the prospective purchasers. Your credibility usually stretches across your brand and your services or products are benefited out of the same.

This matters how your brand is being perceived by your stakeholders. A part of your business’s image-building initiative is the business address that you possess. For the small businesses and startups, this is not always feasible to hire an independent workspace, and this is true for the online businesses as well.

You might be thinking that your home office is indeed the best option that you probably might have logistically as well as financially, but this does not always send out a right impression to those targeted potential customers.

For instance, will you be keener to purchase from a brand which has a prestigious business address in your area or an unknown brand from some run-down area? The answer is obvious. Even if the unknown brand offers us a cost-benefit, we would be hesitant to adopt the same so easily. Your first communication with the prospective client or customer will rightly determine the future of your upcoming relationship with them. So, you would certainly want to have a credible business image right at the first go. This is where a virtual office in Bangalore can be beneficial. You would receive a legitimate and prestigious business address which can be mentioned in all the business collaterals as well as the website. This is indeed one of the core marketing strategies that you can adopt for your start-up business and this would not only let your potential customers know the means of reaching you, but this also gives your business the right credibility.

New business and Virtual office are a great combination

While launching a start-up, operational budget is a big issue and you would surely be snowed under a long list of to-dos.

But this is obvious that you should not skip any of the mandatory steps in setting up of start-up but you can save a considerable amount on the operational overheads by adopting a virtual office which would be under your budget and at the same time give a trusted and professional image to your business. So, the role of a virtual office in building a business from scratch is considered significant. Thus, this can be safely concluded that a combination of new business & virtual office is a match which is made in heaven.

You may share your experiences and stories of operating from a virtual office and your stories will potentially inspire many other budding entrepreneurs to adopt the same and walk the path of success.