Tips for Preparing your Items for Storage

March 15, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Are you renting a storage unit for the first time?

You need to store your belongings temporarily basis while moving them for the long term after downsizing. Rent a storage units Peoria which provides an excellent, space-saving solution. The unit should be secure, safe, and convenient. The majority of units offers a wide range of services to meet your pocket budget and necessity.

  • Most of the customer in need of option which is self-storage that is more affordable than other options. If you have secure access to a car, then you can pick your belongings in it and deliver to the unit and save yourself from choosing full service.
  • But, peoples, those living in vast urban areas, where parking and driving are an issue then you can select full-service storage option.
  • In many cities, people live in high-rise buildings with stairs and elevators so; at those places, self-storage is much hectic, so that you can go for a full-service storage option.

The self-storage units you get in Peoria –

Cube smart –

  • 8543 Grand Avenue, AZ 85345
  • 14800 North 83rd Avenue, AZ 85381

Got Storage Peoria

  • 7590 W Olive Ave, AZ 85345

Extra Space

  • 10700 N 95th Ave, AZ 85345
  • 13360 W Willow Ave, AZ 85379

Tips for preparing your items for storage

Do some research on your own

Firstly, you have to decide, what can and can’t be stored inside your storage unit. The manager will provide you with a list of restricted items, but in case they don’t, make sure to ask them about rules and regulations. Like the following things are not allowed in storage-

  • Gasoline
  • Fertilizers
  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Fireworks
  • Explosives
  • Narcotics
  • Propane Tanks

Take decisions on yourself

Next thing, separate those personal items which you keep in storage boxes safely so that at the time return, you find them quicky. If it is not so much personal  or valuable or useful, then try to donate or sell that thing

Make an index list of all the items

The most important thing of this process is to make a list of items which you pack in boxes so that if an item gets stolen or damaged, then you can claim for that item to the agency. You can include color or number or individual marks of items in your inventory also.

Aware ofthe cleanliness of belongings

You should clean every item before putting it in boxes so that it will not get affected by bacteria’s or fungus. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to make them dust and stain free. After all, if they clean in the beginning then chances of getting them clean in return are also high.

Labeling of boxes

Labeling of boxes is also vital so that you can identify your items at the time of return and dissolve them as per your need in your new home. You can use a keyword like “kitchen items” or “pot” or “pan” etc. for identification purpose. You can also add some caution on the boxes for store manager like “handle it carefully”  or “made of glass”etc, so that the person, who handles it, will get more careful.

Whether you are seeing for temporary storage or long term solution for your belongings, you should take this decision little wisely and plan everything so that you get an excellent deal for storing your items.