Top 5 Qualities Of The Best CFD Trading App

September 5, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

CFD trading can be complicated and tough especially for new traders. However, with the right CFD trading apps, you will feel at ease and worry-free. What are the characteristics of a reliable app? What are its features? Will it cost a lot? These questions might be running in your head now. This is normal considering that you are still curious about what this trading app looks like. Read along and know its advantages and features.

1.     Find a CFD trading app that’s easy to use

There is no such thing as a similar trading app. There will always be differences, even just small ones. What you need to do is to test out the app before deciding to use it. The app should also be easy to manipulate and should suit your preference. A trading app should have low trading costs, fast execution, and the best functionality to help you become a successful trader.

2.     Not too expensive trading costs

There will be charges whenever you trade on a trading app, but it shouldn’t be too expensive. Charges can be incurred to you by your CFD broker either through commission fees, spread charges, and other similar methods. Just like any other business, the lower the costs the better. Check out some of these trading costs before you open an account:

·       Overnight Financing – this fee needs to be paid by the trader if a position remains open for the entire night. See to it that this overnight financing suits your budget.

·       Spread – if the spread is lower, the price you will be paying to trade will also be less. Check your broker’s spread before you open an account on them.

·       Inactive Fees – some brokers will charge you with these fees whenever you remain inactive within a specific time frame.

·       Commission – check if your broker will charge you with a commission. Most of the time, trades done under non-equity instruments tend to be free from commissions.

3.     Regulation

In Australia, a CFD broker is considered registered if it is ASIC-regulated. These licenses are necessary if you want to ensure that you are dealing in the right place. Otherwise, you will only waste your money or put it at risk. Security is the main reason why you need to check whether your broker is regulated or not. Licensed brokers are also closely monitored by the governing regulator and need to operate according to the law.

4.     Availability of Different Trading Instruments

As a trader, you already know the particular market that you want to deal with. Therefore, when picking the right CFD trading app, you must ensure that they offer the market that you want to trade.

5.     Exceptional Customer Service

Responsive and good quality of support is very important when choosing the right CFD broker. There will come a time when you have important questions that need to be handled properly and as soon as possible. Exceptional customer service will offer you the best service and support either thru email or live chat.