Use Pebbles To Decorate Your Home And Garden

October 22, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Peebles have become quite popular choice for decorating both the indoor and outdoor space and this is all because of their availability and natural look that can look good in combo with versatile other materials. Here you will find some useful tips of how to use pebbles to decorate both your home and garden. So, go on and find which are they and get inspired today.

Pebble garden decorations

There is definitely no garden design that can pass by without any pebbles. Pebble garden decorations can be quite versatile depending on the type of pebbles used. They can be found in different sizes and colors and you can either use one type or combine several of them. Use pebbles to make a garden edging or maybe to create a beautiful pathway. Combine it with some wooden stepping stones or maybe with some bricks. You can even use some white pebbles to fill some pots and thus decorate them.

Indoor garden

As we already stated above, pebbles can be also part of your home decor. If you have an indoor garden, you don’t need to have only plants, but you can also create a contrast with some pebbles. The space under the stairs can be perfect for such decorations. And again you can choose one type of pebbles or maybe combine several of them to create some interesting pattern.

Bathroom decorations

If you want to give your bathroom a spa-like feel, then you should definitely add some pebbles over there. Pebbles, as well as river stones and rocks will give your bathroom a very relaxing spa-like feel. Their natural color, texture and beauty will add some life in the bathroom and they can be easily combined with any other materials. Feel free to add some around the bathtub or maybe around the sink.

DIY centerpiece

If you are missing some centerpiece for your coffee table, dining table or for some shelves, don’t go out to buy some, but instead try making one using pebbles. Arrange them in the way you like, or maybe even try painting them in some other color to make them look even more outstanding.

To sum up, pebbles can be used for decorating both your home and garden and the above ideas are just some of the many possible. So, hopefully you will try to copy some of the above ideas and thus beautify your home or outdoors.