What are the Features and Benefits of Maternity Insurance?

July 25, 2019 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Giving birth to a healthy child is what every parent desires. There are many responsibilities that an expecting mother needs to shoulder, one of them being taking care of herself and her baby. Maternity Health Insurance can help expecting parents to enjoy financial freedom and prepare themselves for the journey to parenthood.

Services such as umbilical cord preservation, painless delivery vaccination, and other inclusions have made delivering a child expensive. Here’s where maternity insurance can be the wisest choice.

Maternity Health Insurance Plans in India ensure that the parents can enjoy every moment of pregnancy without worrying about financial affairs. Maternity insurance covers the expenses related to childbirth up to a specific limit. It is a standalone policy that can also be opted as an add-on cover with your base health insurance plans. Each plan has its limits subject to the sum assured.

Here are some of the benefits and features of maternity health insurance:

Hospitalisation Expenses

Any hospitalisation expenses during your pregnancy including hospital room charges, nursing, the fee to medicinal practitioners, ambulance charges, and other hospital-related costs are covered in the maternity insurance.

Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Procedures like medical tests, medicines, consultation fees, and others performed from 30 days before hospitalisation till 60 days post hospitalisation are covered under the insurance policy.

Pre and Post Natal Expenses

Ultrasound, medicines, doctor’s consultation fees, regular check-ups and other medical expenses are taken care of under maternity insurance.

Ambulance Expenses

Whether it’s an ambulance or a ferry, maternity insurance takes care of the transportation expenses to and from the hospital for expecting mothers.

New Born Baby Cover

From birth, till the baby is 90 days old, maternity health insurance covers all of your newborn’s health care needs. The insurance plan covers the cost of vaccination as well. The days may vary in different insurance policies.

Cashless Facility

Cashless facilities at network hospitals across India make it easier for expectant couples when it comes to settling their bills.

Claim-free Bonus

If you do not raise claims in the specific policy year, you get a discount on the premium for the next year. This is one of the most attractive reasons for buying a maternity health insurance policy.

Tax Savings

As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, you get tax benefits on health insurance plans.

Waiting Period

Usually, the expenses related to maternity insurance are covered after nine months to six consecutive policy years.

Flexibility to Choose The Sum Insured

You can choose the sum insured that you want to receive as maternity expenses at the time of purchasing a maternity health insurance policy.


Maternity insurance plans in India cover emergency medical evacuation in India through air ambulance and emergency medical evacuation of the insured in foreign locations.

Even though the insurance comes inclusive of these necessary expenses, certain things are not included in the coverage. Costs of tonics, vitamins, unless part of the treatment, regular check-ups by the doctor, follow-ups, diagnostic tests, and doctor’s consultation during the pregnancy are not covered.

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