What Is An Event?

May 17, 2021 Tom Clark | Comments Off

An event is technically a planned social or a public occasion for various purposes. There is no fixed subject or field for the organization of an event.

The purpose of an event must not be lost amidst the current pandemic around the entire world. As per the guidelines of being in such hard times is mainly maintaining social distance and staying inside your homes as far as stepping out is not an unavoidable requirement. Since earlier the whole scenario of an event used to be about gathering in good numbers, it is not possible now. Social gatherings are mostly not allowed in many parts of the world in such times.

Types of Events

The events that are conducted can be of many types, covering many areas. Following are the most common areas of events, but there are not all.

  • Social events
  • Educational events
  • Political events
  • Corporate or business affairs
  • Marketing seminars
  • Sports events
  • Entertainment and publicity events
  • Advertising event
  • Fundraising event
  • Religious event
  • Awareness event and many many more.

The types of events can not be classified only under the above-mentioned areas. Whether the cause of public gathering is personal, professional, profitable or non-profitable, they are conducted in large numbers.

Virtual event

The concept of a virtual event is bliss in these hard times of corona spread around the world. To meet the current needs of an event you can conduct one online. Online events would be virtual events where you can interact in large numbers right from your home.

Advantages of events done virtually

  • You get to interact with zero contact with any person in real-time.
  • The ground rules of social distancing are maintained since you do not have to meet anyone in person.
  • Since the virtual event is done on the computer, there is no hassle about the attendance, all you need is regular internet.
  • The event conducted virtually does not have to get interfered with by the city curfew and the lockdown rules in any area. Be it a containment zone or a corona free zone, everyone gets to see everyone and bring their ideas to this virtual table.
  • A virtual event saves a lot of expenses which are otherwise spent on booking a venue for the gathering, tea and snacks, seating arrangement, mic and speakers etc.
  • The energy, arrangements and management that is spent on the same are all conserved. The preparations here are fewer along with everyone having to travel to a given venue.
  • Thus, it also saves a lot of time for every person.

It is an even better idea to conduct a virtual event since apart from all the benefits, it still does not compromise on any of the objectives of an event. The purpose of an event is served as much as it would be provided in a physical event.

Meetings, seminars and other social interactions could have been possible in the middle of the Covid-19 spread only through organising a virtual event. And thankfully the ongoing work does not stop here due to the Coronavirus.