What is your investment strategy?

March 3, 2022 Tom Clark | Comments Off

The stock market has long been considered “easy money.” However, it’s easy money only if backed by studies, analysis of past trends, glance over financials, price fluctuations, and other factors which roll around a share price.

Several strategies have been followed over a period of time by many experienced people in the capital market. Some of those are mentioned below:

It is rightly said that “Buy when others are selling, sell when others are buying.” Well, it’s important for investors thus to study all factors impacting the share price and understand the fluctuations.

For investing in the Indian capital market, one should understand the index well since a scrip or stock reacts the way the indices react.

It is also significant for investment at what price an investor has invested funds. If the investor has invested funds at a high price, definitely an investor will lose when such a share reaches its regular value.

Let’s take an example. Stock A is bought at Rs 2000, which is the highest price since 52 weeks, and over time, it reaches Rs 1500, and the investor has been holding such investment, the potential investor will tend to lose the amount over such price.

It is important to understand the right time to sell your investment and book profit because “Time is money.” Once the time has flown away, it cannot be retrieved.

It is required to understand the financial position of the scrip or share or investment, what does it state.

Here’s an example. Financials of Stock A reflects that it has a slow market currently. However, its debt is around 5 crores, and thus its Debt Equity ratio is high, which is a red alert to the investor since the slow market will have low sales leading to no cash flow. Thus, the company will not be able to repay its debt or pay its usual interest on loans.

Thus having proper study and analysis over and around your investment, and setting an intelligent strategy, will definitely lead an investor to profit.

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