Why Gifting is important?

June 24, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Gifting is not an expenditure, it’s an investment of love!

Love makes the world go round. No matter what form of love it is; a daughter’s love for her father, a sister’s love for her brother or a husband’s love for his wife, when there is love, it needs to be expressed. There are some gestures that help us express our love and emotions to the person intended. And exchanging gifts is undoubtedly the best way to do it. It doesn’t need to be expensive, lavish or even always a useful one. A gift can be anything, even a single-stemmed rose is enough to convey thousands of emotions to the recipient. Gifting our close ones is not considered as an expenditure, but an investment of emotions, care and affection. On occasions like birthday, anniversary, New Year, or Diwali, surprising our loved ones with a gift on such important days make our bonding stronger with them.

Here are a few unique gifting ideas that can let you express your feelings, convey wishes, and make a special one happy in a special way and still won’t put a burden on your pocket-

  • Flowers: Flowers are the most favourite gifts among all. They can uplift someone’s mood and brighten up someone’s day with their beauty. A bouquet of flowers has been used as the perfect way of gifting. Each and every variety of flower has their own uniqueness and significance as they convey a special message encoded inside their petals. A flower bouquet expresses emotions in all its forms; be it pure love of friendship, peace, harmony, romance, appreciation or gratitude.
  • Cakes: A cake is an expression, an emotion and a reflection of our love to the recipient. Cutting cake together on Christmas is the symbol of togetherness and unending love, cutting a wedding cake indicates the beginning of the most special journey of life, and blowing off birthday candles on a cake shows that we are hopeful about welcoming a brighter and better year. Every cake makes a day memorable. So, choose a perfect cake from a store or bake it at your home when you want to gift it to someone. 
  • Card: When we want to convey a special message to someone close, what else can do it better than the heartfelt words? Write down your words on a beautiful greeting card,which can be bought or made with your own artistic talent. There are many DIYs ideas available for making unique and personalized cards. A card can carry your wishes, emotions and feelings in the most precise form. It can be given individually or can also be paired with a bouquet or a cake and other gifts.
  • Picture collage: Pictures keep our memories alive. Gift someone a collection of beautiful memories with him or her and let them know that you cherish those spent moments for a lifetime. You can take print outs of the pictures and make a collage by yourself. And even, you can take help from the gift shops to buy and make a collage with a perfect wooden frame.
  • Personalized Gifts: Personalized gifts are the most trending gift options these days. These gifts allow us to store our memories along with auseful item. There are many items that can be personalized such as- lamp, keychain, cushion, coffee mugs, photo tabletop and many more. These are pocket-friendly gifts but give a special touch of love to the way of gifting.
  • Plants: Plants can be unique and useful gifts. It can be gifted as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, for decoration purposes and can also be used as air-purifier, and also for other medicinal values.

Sending gifts online is an amazing and easier way to surprise our loved ones. When we can’t go and meet them in person, the online gift stores help us in an efficient way. MyFlowerApp.Com is one of the biggest retailers of gifts, flowers and delicious cakes in the country.