Social Media Outreach: A Great Way to Boost Website Traffic

May 7, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

For normal people, social media is all about connecting with the world and engaging in conversations. However, the motivation is not the same when online marketers leverage the platforms for driving traffic and generate leads. There are various methods used by social media marketers for increasing user engagement and one such technique is social media outreach that is fairly used by major marketers.

Apart from being a place for building new relationships and getting into valuable conversations, you can utilize techniques like social media outreach for catering to your online business requirements. Here are some ways through which you can increase website traffic with the help of social media outreach:

Make it a Customer Service Tool

Social media is meant for engaging in quality conversations. As a marketer, when you take part in a one-on-one conversation with your users, you display the value you offer to your audience. Your marketing campaign and overall business will run at a great profit if you are able to use the social media outreach as a valuable tool for offering quality customer service. Moreover, the audience on social media appreciates it when businesses respond to their queries directly. For instance, engaging in public conversations with users on Instagram will not only help you in getting followers for Instagram, but it will also help in driving traffic to your site.

Focus on Brand and Keyword Monitoring Tactics

When one of the social media marketing goals is to communicate with the users directly, you must know the right steps to do it perfectly. This includes administering a few aspects including your keyword monitoring while using the brand mentions at the same time. For monitoring your keywords and business on the social media, there are certain tools that you can avail such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Mention. Also, promoting your industry’s buzzwords and the company name is a must for engaging with the right kind of target audience and generating traffic to your site.

Introduce Discounted or Free Offers

Offers tend to be an effective way of driving free organic traffic to your site when you are able to do an effective promotion on different social media platforms. Even if you have an amazing offer to introduce, it is imperative to consider the right way and right audience for promoting it, in order to get the expected results. Also, be persuasive in the content of your offer and showcase the benefits your target audience will receive after availing it. With strong call-to-action in your offers, you can easily drive new potential customers to your website.

Run Frequent Contests

Contests are not only an effective way of obtaining high user engagement, but it allows brands to monitor the users and direct them to their site for providing further information. Moreover, the audience on social media platforms finds contests fun and exciting. If you are able to run engaging contests, more and more people will be a part of it giving you an opportunity to achieve fresh prospects.



The above-stated tactics can supplement your overall social media marketing campaign well and improve both website traffic and user engagement. Adhere to these tips and increase your brand influence.