The Best Hemp Flower to Smoke

August 28, 2020 Tom Clark | Comments Off

As today the use of CBD in different products like medicines, beauty products or edibles has increased. This has made the producers increase the cultivation and sale of bulk hemp flowers to extract CBD. However, the extraction of CBD can be done from every part of the hemp plant, but the flower has a higher level of cannabinoids which has made it necessary for the business to get best hemp flower wholesale from stores to use in products.

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

It’s the flower of the female hemp plant. The bud when grown fully secretes CBD and resin, which attracts pollen of male hemp plants and produces seeds.

 However, it’s stated that flowers which have no seeds are the best for CBD production. All hemp flowers have different amounts of CBD depending on their strain. The producers generally bred special plants to produce bigger buds, with high CBD content and low level of THC for hemp flower wholesale deliveries.

What Is the Use of Hemp Flower?

CBD has become so valuable because of its so many beneficial therapeutic properties. It is used in many ways, like making:

  • Edibles – chocolates, gums etc.
  • Smokeless
  • Vape juices
  • Tinctures
  • Ointment
  • CBD oil
  • Hemp cigarette
  • CBD topical products.

With the high demand of wholesale hemp products in the market, the extraction of CBD from hemp flowers has also taken a toll on producers.

What Are the Best Types of Hemp Flowers?

There are many different types of hemp flowers available to be used either directly or infused in products.

  1. Cherry Wine

This is the best type of hemp plant strain and has about 22% of CBD. It is cultivated from dense hemp seeds having low THC and high CBD.

This flower has aromatics strain with clear notes of sweet cherry with subtle hints of black pepper. You can find cherry wine as seeds or clones available at the hemp flower wholesale market.

2. Electra

It’s a favourite strain of maven’s for its high CBB content. It has a sweet, citrus and nutty taste when consumed orally. The Electra strain is best used in pipes and palate for smoking. Because of its ability to fix calmness without causing hours of passivity. It’s known as the classic strains of producers and consumers.

3. Lifter

This strain does precisely as its name; it gets you lifted. It has a CBD level of about 14 to 20% and THC as low as 0.3 %.

The aroma of the lifter is very strong that it will be suggestive of the bold aroma of lemon zest, pineapple, pine or white pepper. The strain of lifter is full-spectrum, which makes you feel relaxed and elevated together.

4. Super Lemon Haze

This is best used as smokables and vape juices. It has a THC level of delta-nine and more crystallization formation.

5. Spectrum

It is a powerhouse strain that fills its user with a wide variety of potential experiences. It is a terpene-rich CBD bud that has higher traces of THC than most of the other strains available. You can find these bulk hemp flower at retail stores.

6. T1 Flower

It is a floral strain that has taste and aroma, which is minty, citrus and even lavender like. It is best used for vaping purposes. It has orange hair coverage all over it, which is similar to Super lemon haze and has a lemon-like taste. It is best to be used in edibles like tea or pairing with salads.

The wholesale hemp products need cultivation and purchasing of high-quality CBD hemp flowers. This will make you get maximum benefits from CBD infused products.