What Type Of Lighting You Can Choose For Your Backyard?

October 26, 2018 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Lighting is really important both for indoor and outdoor spaces. So, your backyard won’t be complete if there are missing some light fixtures. A proper lighting will for sure add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard and can set a romantic mood over there. Also, lighting will improve the visibility and safety giving you the chance to move freely through your backyard at night time. There are so many different types of backyard lighting and below you will find listed some of them to help you choose the right ones for your backyard.

  1. Illuminated planters – This may be one of the easiest ways to add some light in your backyard. You can find illuminated planters in different sizes and shapes and you can of course place them anywhere you like.
  2. Fence lighting – The beauty of a fence or gate design can be emphasized with some lights. They can hanged on it, or maybe can be added on the ground highlighting the fence. You can even choose to add some string lights over to set a romantic mood.
  3. Outdoor step lighting – If you have some stairs in your backyard or maybe a levelled up deck, you should definitely consider some step lighting fixtures. They can be placed on each step or maybe on the side of the staircase. Lights will make any plain staircase look amazing and of course will keep you safe when going up and down them during the night time.
  4. Pergola string lights – If there is a pergola in your backyard, then you cannot miss to add some string lights over there. They will turn it into a magical place where you will love to spend your nights.
  5. Torch lights – Torch light is the type of light made of combustible substance such as twisted flax soaked with tallow and then it is ignited at the upper end. These lights are often associated with some Hawaiian people holding them in their hands, but nowadays are great choice for lighting the backyard.
  6. DIY lights – And of course, if you want to show your creative skills, you can try to make some lights on your own. You can easily repurpose some glass bottles or mason jars and place a candle in them or maybe some string lights. You can even paint the jars or bottles in different shades for a different glowing.

So, now that you are familiar with the many possible ways of outdoor lighting, which type will you choose for your backyard?