How To Increase Space Within Your Garden?

July 14, 2021 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Gardeners love to always add new plants and other décor items to their gardens, especially if we are talking about the backyard gardens. However, to add new things into the garden, one needs to increase the space. But it’s nearly impossible to do so when you have limited space in your garden.

That’s why you need an improvised plan by which you can increase space in your garden with ease. Be it by using the patio awnings for providing shed to the plants or by using raised garden beds, there are several ways to make your garden look spacious.

In this article, we will describe some of the most effective ways by which increasing space in your garden will become hassle-free.

Using the garden beds for growing plants

Usually, plants are grown in rows. But this technique uses a lot of space. So, the best trick will be to use raised garden beds. You can grow the micro plants in the garden beds easily. And underneath the beds, you can grow plants which require sheds.

Vertical gardening will give you more place

Another technique to complete your garden without consuming too much space is vertical gardening. Here, you need a back support like a wall, a vertical crate with slits in between, or a wooden slab with small shelves. Fix the framework on a wall by driving nails through the woods. You can then keep small plant pots on the vertical shelves or hang them from the slits with ease.

Try out inter planting technique

In the inter planting technique, you grow two different plant species together. Both of them will have different harvest time but not with a wide time gap. Also, both will grow into different sizes. Now, the plant species with smaller size and less harvest time will grow faster and you can harvest the vegetable, or fruits before the other plant grows to its full size and overshadows the entire garden bed.

Use awnings to plant more shades

There are several garden plants which need shade to grow. You can use the patio awnings for providing the required shade. In addition, the awnings can be combined differently to make a place for garden seats with folded chairs and a small table in the middle.

Keep enough space for lighting

Lastly, you have to ensure that there is enough space within the garden boundary where you can install the long post lights. However, if the total garden compound is small, you can use the hanging star LED twinkling lights or lamp shades on the wall to illuminate the area.

In conclusion, we can say that gardening is not an easy task, especially when you have limited space. But by little tweaks in the arrangements coupled with a few smart garden layouts, you can easily make the garden look spacious. In fact, you can easily create enough rooms to add more elements in the future.