What Are The Different Types Of Glazing?

January 13, 2021 Tom Clark | Comments Off

Gone are those days of single-paned glasses that were susceptible to breakage. Many renovations have been brought with glazing windows. These are not only durable but are quite useful. Here are a few different types of glazing that you must consider:-

Toughened glazing glasses

As the name suggests, toughened glazing glasses are quite durable. Apart from that, they also have great compressive strength compared to the annealed glasses. Thus, you can be assured of the fact that these are quite resistant to breaking. Apart from that, it can also withstand heavier loads and lowers the threat of thermal stress or breakage.

In case, the glass breaks, it breaks in small fragments, which helps in preventing huge accidents. On top of that, these glasses can be easily heat-treated or even chemically straightened. Due to this reason, the demand for domestic glazing is increasing every day.

Window repairing companies always use the toughened glazing glasses for those areas that have heavy human influence, for example, bathroom windows, doors, etc.

Tinted glazing glasses

The demand for tinted glasses is increasing since they are effective enough in lowering heat gain as well as glare. The reason behind this is selective glazing helps in reflecting sunlight’s infrared portion. At the same time, sunlight still transmits, which means you can enjoy the view.

The biggest use of tinted glazing is to lower the outside glare. This helps in preventing the UV rays to enter your house, reduces the color fading of the furniture, etc. Most domestic glazing uses common colors like green, grey, or bronze. Besides, depending on the thickness of the glass, the color density increases or decreases.

Insulated glazing glasses

Also known as double as well as triple glazing and works depending on every glass layer, its sealing, content, or the space between every glass layer. These gaps are carefully sealed so that it does not allow heat transfer. In most cases, the gaps are sealed using argon gas, which is low-conductivity in nature.

It is important to understand that these glasses are quite useful, especially if you stay in such regions that have extremely low temperatures. Installing these glasses when installing windows will make sure that the inside temperature will stay warm throughout the day.

Laminated glazing glasses

Just like the glass in the windshields, these glasses might break if you put extreme pressure. However, the glass pieces will stick to the protective layer without causing any potential injury. It is important to understand that laminated glasses give better protection than other glass windows. Besides, if you want something that will lower noise transfer, then opting for the laminated glazing glasses is the best option.

Therefore, if you are planning to do something with your windows, choose glazing glasses. These are quite beneficial and are cost-effective.